MDID Summer Bridge Experience


The Summer Bridge Program is compulsory for all freshmans, this is an interactive and interesting 5 days for our new recruits. During the 3 days, students will meet with their homeroom teachers and classmates, and to prepare them for the transition to highschool life.



When 日期/時間:

Monday, 15th of August to Friday, 21st of August. 7:50 am to 5:10 pm daily. School buses are available, please check with admin team.

8月15日(三)至8月21日(二). 每日07:50~17:10 (如需校車接送,請提前向行政人員詢問並做確認) 


What will we be doing 主題:
1. Introducing teachers and other staff members in the community.

2. Drama camp, in this interactive and exciting team building exercise, you will learn

    teaming up in small groups to create a short play with your teammates.

3. Getting to know more about IB MYP program, including IB learner profile, ALT learning,

    MYP and DP curriculum and IB grading.

4. Learning ManageBac.

    學生ManageBac 平台操作研修及實作。
5. English knowledge activities.



Questions? 問題:
Please contact our administration team