2019 MDID Diploma Programme Orientation for Grade 10 Parents

MDID first became an IB World School in 2018 when the department became authorized to implement the Diploma Programme (DP) for grades 11 and 12. In August 2018, the first cohort of MDID DP students began their journey, and will be taking their External Exams in May 2020. This schoolyear, we started the second cohort of DP students.

For more information on the DP, please see the IB DP Parent Pack.

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MDID Curricular Plan

MDID DP Courses

The courses offered by MDID for the DP are based on student needs and complies with the requirements for the Ministry of Education (MOE).

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MDID Course Selection Process

The diagram below shows the overview of activities with the College Counselor (CC) starting in Grade 9 that lead to the course selection process in Grade 10.

Course Selection Process

At the start of the first semester when students are in G10, parents are invited to school for a comprehensive orientation to the DP. They will be informed of the regulations on how to achieve the diploma, along with the information regarding their options with the DP and how students benefit from the programme. The college counselor will also be present for concerns with university applications through the DP.

During the first semester, the college counselor conducts sessions with the students regarding the different courses that the DP offers and how they match up with their university plans. During these weeks, the students are able to learn about the DP courses and are given time to reflect on their possible preferences. Around the 11t h week, the students will answer a survey called the Expression of Interest. Data from this survey are used to determine which courses will be offered for their class.

At the start of the second semester, parents and students are invited for a DP Course Fair where DP teachers are available with relevant information about their respective DP courses. The aim is for parents and G10 students to gather as much information as possible to help guide their final DP course selection. At the end of the DP Course Fair, students are again surveyed for their Initial Course Selection.

Upon submission of the Initial course selection, the administration goes through the data to arrange the final course offerings. The administration will seek to offer the most accommodating and practical subject offerings that matches the student choices and faculty availability. Once this is done, the students are given a form for their Final Course Selections. This form will serve as their final choice, and will need their parents’ acknowledgement. As a measure of good faith, the data from this final selection will be forwarded to their teachers for review, in case of misguided choices.

Students’ final courses are settled at the end of April, and only then will they begin ordering their textbooks for the next two years.

Examples of Course Selections

The following are examples of the different possibilities for course selection in MDID.

Course Selection Example 1
Course Selection Example 2
Course Selection Example 3
Course Selection Example 4
Course Selection Example 5
Course Selection Example 6

Further Reading

Read more about the Diploma Programme, or read about the different subject groups in order to prepare for the steps of the course selection process.