Laboratory Safety Contract



I, _______________________________ (student’s name), have read and understand the Student Laboratory Code of Conduct set forth above. I realize that I must obey these rules to ensure my own safety and that of my fellow students and teachers. I will cooperate to the fullest extent with my teachers and fellow students to maintain a safe working environment in the laboratory. I am aware that violations of this safety code will result in disciplinary action as specified in the Code.

我,_______________________________(學生的名字),已閱讀並理解上述之學生實驗室安全守則。 我了解我必須遵守這些規則,以確保自己, 同學和老師的安全。 我將盡全力與老師和同學合作,共同維護實驗室的安全工作環境。若違反此安全守則,本人願意接受守則內所述之處分。

___________________________________________________       _______________________
              (STUDENT SIGNATURE / 學生簽名)                                         (DATE / 日期)


Note to Parent/Guardian: We believe you should be informed regarding our school’s efforts to create and maintain a safe science classroom and laboratory environment. Safety awareness involves the cooperation of parents or guardians, students, and teachers. Please read the Laboratory Code of Conduct, which details the safety policies and expected student behaviors while performing work in the laboratory. No student will be permitted to perform laboratory activities unless both the student and at least one parent or guardian sign the Laboratory Safety Contract and return a signed copy to their teacher.
By signing below, you indicate that you have read the Laboratory Code of Conduct, understand and support the measures taken to ensure the safety of your child in the science laboratory as described therein, and will encourage your child to uphold the agreement to follow these rules and procedures.


我們相信您了解我們學校努力創造並維護一個安全的科學教育環境。實驗室的安全需要家長或監護人,學生和教師的共同維護。請詳細閱讀實驗室安全守則,其中詳細介紹了實驗室安全的相關議題和本校對於學生的行為規範。學生和家長或監護人必須共同簽署此安全協議書後, 學生始能參加實驗操作課程。您將簽署兩份相同的安全協議書。其中一份交由學生帶回學校給任課老師,另一份則由學生生自行保管。 
在下面簽名表明您已經閱讀了實驗室安全守則,了解學校實驗室的各項安全措施與規範, 並鼓勵您的孩子遵守此協議。

___________________________________________________       _______________________
     (PARENT OR GUARDIAN SIGNATURE / 家長簽名)                        (DATE/日期)