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It all started when…

As the world becomes ever more volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous, the tenacity of our students to find opportunities within adversity and the ability to work within tight constraints to innovate and create new value is ever more important.

Innovation is not just about inventing new products. It requires empathetic skills to understand the needs of people and the heart to use one’s cognitive and inventive capabilities to benefit the greater community through sound design and engineering principles. It is with this intent that the theme for IDEX 2019 is set as “Technology for Humanity”.

The Innovation Exchange is an exhibition featuring projects which are selected by an expert panel. During the exhibition, experts from universities, industries and investors will be invited to judge the finalists’ projects. Students will be invited to visit the booths for a more intimate exchange of ideas with the exhibitors. Outstanding submissions, judged by the experts, will be rewarded with cash prizes and more importantly opportunities to bring their inventions to next level through further collaborations with interested investors.

The teams will set up their booth to showcase their posters and prototypes on 1st of April 2019 and present their ideas to a panel of invited judges on 2nd of April 2019 in Anglo-Chinese School (Independent). The winning teams will be presented before the school in an Awards Ceremony held on the 4th of April 2019. The award categories are stated below:

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Technology for Humanity

In line with Singapore’s vision of creating an even more inclusive society, IDEX 2019 Technology for Humanity will be centered on innovation that improves the quality of life of the less fortunate. The focus is to bring the best of humans through innovation/technology where technology is not just to improve the lives of others but also to bring out the kindness of humans through tech.

Areas of innovation and technology can include any of the following:

Developing Assistive Technology

What can I develop to improve the daily experiences or performances of people who are less fortunate?

Improving Accessibility

How can I make it easier for people who are less fortunate to move from one point to another?

Assisting Care Givers

How can I ease the demands placed upon the caregivers for people who are less fortunate?

Important Dates

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