International Baccalaureate

The International Baccalaureate programme, commonly referred to as the IB, is a student-centered pedagogy that aims to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who strive to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding. IB programmes also inspire students to become active, compassionate, lifelong learners capable of making connections that promote learning across academic disciplines. Because the IB learner profile prizes global citizenship as much as it does rigor, creativity and critical thinking, students can cultivate their global awareness and responsibility as they acquire the international educational mindset and 21st century skills needed not only to be accepted to, but to thrive in the best universities that will shape their futures. Approaches to teaching and learning are included in the inner circle, demonstrating the IB’s commitment to particular pedagogical approaches to teaching and to developing particular skills for learning.


The ib learner profile

The aim of all IB programmes is to develop internationally minded people who, recognizing their common humanity and shared guardianship of the planet, help to create a better and more peaceful world. - IB


MYP Subject

This following section goes into details of all MYP subjects we offer at MDID


MYP Language and Literature

Language is fundamental to learning, thinking and communicating, as well as providing an intellectual framework to support conceptual development. It plays a central role in developing critical thinking, cultivating international-mindedness, exploring and sustaining personal development and cultural identity, and responsibly participating in local, national and global communities. - IB

At MDID, we offer the following Second Foreign Courses:

  • English Language and Literature

  • Chinese Language and Literature


MYP Language Acquisition

Acquiring an additional language and exploring and reflecting on the cultural perspectives of our own and other communities:

• is central to developing critical thinking and international-mindedness

• provides an intellectual framework to support personal development, cultural identity and conceptual understanding

• greatly contributes to the holistic development of students and to the strengthening of lifelong learning skills

• equips students with the necessary multiliteracy skills and attitudes to communicate successfully in various global contexts.

- IB

At MDID, we offer the following Second Foreign Courses:

  • English Language Acquisition

    • Phase 6

    • Phase 4

    • Phase 2

  • Chinese Language Acquisition


Second foreign language

Students studying here are encouraged to take on another language other than their Mother Tongue and English. At Mingdao International Department, we think students who learn a Second Foreign Language can creates more positive attitudes and less prejudice toward people who are different.

At MDID, we offer the following Second Foreign Courses:






MYP Design

Design, and the resultant development of new technologies, has given rise to profound changes in society, transforming how we access and process information, adapt our environment, communicate with others, solve problems, work and live. MYP design challenges students to apply practical and creative-thinking skills to solve design problems; encourages students to explore the role of design in historical and contemporary contexts; and raises students’ awareness of their responsibilities when making design decisions and taking action. - IB


Individuals and societies

The study of individuals and societies helps students to appreciate critically the diversity of human culture, attitudes and beliefs. Courses in this subject group are important for helping students to recognize that both content and methodology can be debatable and controversial, and for practising the tolerance of uncertainty. - IB


myp mathematics


MYP Sciences

Scientific inquiry fosters critical and creative thinking about research and design, as well as the identification of assumptions and alternative explanations. Students learn to appreciate and respect the ideas of others, gain good ethical-reasoning skills and further develop their sense of responsibility as members of local and global communities. - IB

At MDID, grades 7 & 8, we offer Integrated Science

Grade 9, students are required to take the following course

  • Biology

  • Chemistry

Grade 10, students are required to take the following course

  • Physics



In MYP arts, students function as artists as well as learners of the arts. Artists have to be curious. By developing curiosity about themselves, others and the world, students become effective learners, inquirers and creative problem-solvers. Students create, perform and present arts in ways that engage and convey feelings, experiences and ideas. Through this practice, students acquire new skills and master those developed in prior learning.

Development in the arts is a dynamic process, and not necessarily linear. Students move freely through a creative process towards a deeper understanding of the arts. The process of creating artwork, as well as the product, demonstrates what students have experienced, learned and attempted to convey. - IB

At MDID, grades 7 & 8, all students are required to take the following course for a semester each:

  • Visual arts

  • Performing arts

Grade 9 & 10, students can choose to take either of the following courses:

  • Visual arts

  • Performing arts


MDID extra curricular activities (ECA) 

OSS activities.jpg
OSS activities.jpg

Overseas extra curricular opportunities

At Mingdao High School, we offer a wide range of overseas Extra curricular activity opportunities. 


MDID Extra curricular activities(ECA) program aims to develop students to:

  • Be balanced, exploring interest in other areas and fields of studies;

  • Develop skills in other areas and expertise in both depth and breadth;

  • Become Independent, to be able to identify their own goals and further actions for personal growth;

  • Embrace Change, to be curious, explore new possibilities and take on new challenges

  • Keep proactive, to actively participate in projects surrounding them, taking on new opportunities;

  • Social Responsibility, we are all members of local and global communities, we act responsibly and consider the impact of our actions on other people.


IDEX competition

Innovation is not just about inventing new products. It requires empathetic skills to understand the needs of people and the heart to use one’s cognitive and inventive capabilities to benefit the greater community through sound design and engineering principles. It is with this intent that the theme for IDEX 2019 is set as “Technology for Humanity”.


MDID Edutainment

The purpose of MDID edutainment is to be balanced, exploring interest in other areas and fields of studies. Understand the meaning of being socially responsible, being a member of the local and global community. Also act responsible and consider the impact of our actions on other people.


Mingdao international extra curricular activities

To learn more about other international extra curricular activities offered from Mingdao High School. Please click on to the following button.

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MDMUN (明道模擬聯合國)

Mingdao Model United Nations (MDMUN) Conference, started in the year 2011, has been an annual school activity organized by the MDMUN Management Team under the GCP Student Council. The conference enrolls outstanding students from the Senior High Department, the Comprehensive High Department, and the International Department (GCP), providing them an opportunity to learn about and experience the model united nations and a panel for idea exchange among their peers.

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